Permission Sets (

I’m new to this…I guess, I will talk briefly on what I’ve been working on as of late, high level.

Today, I will share my experience on permission sets and their intended usage.

Permission sets are designed to be leveraged as an additive for access at the [Object Settings] and [System Permissions] level that aren’t enabled at the profile level in Salesforce. If you’re looking to enforce security in your organization at the object level. Permission sets might be a good idea to consider. You’re able to determine who has administrative rights at the object level.

Note: You will want to assign record types accordingly. Furthermore, you will want to first review the Organization Wide Default sharing settings located at the following:               Setup -> Administer -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings.

There is much to learn when considering the security and appropriate provisioning of administer rights in Salesforce. Permission sets will be the more effective route, as modifying multiple profiles can be quite the daunting task. Depending on the size of your organization, managing profiles via permission sets is an approach you’ll find yields value-add to your organization.

Permission sets are assigned to a users record and as mentioned earlier work as an extension or additive of the already assigned (defined) profile in the users record.

Note: Permission sets do NOT remove access/rights from the profile. A permission set will always defer to what is already defined at the profile level.

If you have additional questions and/or feedback. Please feel free to contact me directly at (or comment in response) and continue to follow my blog for future posts. I will try my best at updating frequently.

Justice S.

Permission Sets (

Midwest Dreamin’ was a turning point in my life and here is WHY!


Before ever being considered to speak professionally, we must first go back to an earlier time that will provide the necessary context of my journey. As a high school freshman, I demonstrated high potential with receiving an academic college scholarship as an 8th grader. Even so, I still demonstrated little to no focus (at times) surrounding the execution against my potential for a multitude of reasons. This would result in many challenges and hurdles in my life that served as barriers in eventually getting to where I am at in my life today.

The Bumpy Road to Success – A story on Justice Journey to Live in his Purpose

My mother would often tell me as I was growing up throughout my adolescent years that I was blessed with many great opportunities and skills that would position me for “success” in my lifetime. Despite hearing that routinely, my goal in life at that time was to graduate High School and marry my high school sweetheart and ride off into the sunset. I was young and naive; but you couldn’t tell me otherwise during that time in my life. I’d live my high school years with that goal in mind and as top priority. My freshmen and sophomore year of college I learned the trials of life and it’s tribulations in a very abrupt manner or at least it felt like it at the time. My high school sweetheart and I separated and to my surprise at the time; my parents would be separating (divorcing) as well as the family matriarch (grandmother) would pass away unexpectedly. These back to back events would have a significant impact on my life and transparently the trajectory of my academic aspirations.

Fast forward, I’d eventually become an adult, college-educated with real world experiences and a realistic pulse on life. During my early 20’s, my primary focus was to maintain and build on my experiences professionally and personally. As i grew in my professional career, the desire to better understand my “why” grew exponentially. I was back on track with my life and the turmoil that once disrupted my once focused lens was back to being 20/20 and I was ready to seize all opportunities with a sense of urgency and purpose.

My second year of working for my current employer. I was presented with the opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit organization (JAUM) committed to increasing on the financial literacy of students in underrepresented communities in which my employer serves (and beyond). I participated in what is and was referred to as reverse job shadow event at a local school in the inner city (where I once was a student). Essentially, I was demonstrating and articulating to students the many opportunities to be contributing members of society in a multitude of professions; including my own as an IT professional.

From this experience of standing in front of a classroom of middle school students and young men; which at the time was intimidating and nerve racking for me. Yet, I was responsible for delivering learning experiences around what it meant to co-exist within a global society as well as speaking on the implications and responsibilities of being a working professional.


My mission was to equip these students by inspiring their desire to aspire. I had such a great experience from my first reverse job shadow at the school in which I volunteered. That I’d find myself expending as much of my available and free time volunteering and giving back. These volunteering experiences would one day lead me to meeting an individual by the name of Eric Dreshfield. This was when I decided to immerse myself into the community and ecosystem that was associated with my professional responsibilities and aspirations.

I met Eric for the first time while he was in Minneapolis on a visit to attend his daughters commencement at Minnesota State University – Mankato. Coincidentally, the same University I once had the opportunity to learn from as an undergraduate student. In our conversation, Eric shared with me the genesis of a community led Salesforce conference that would go by the name of Midwest Dreamin! At the time, little did I know this would be the conference that would propel my career and success with becoming a one day keynote speaker, industry related conference speaker and self-proclaimed mentor to many in the Salesforce community.

Moreover, Eric shared with me during our visit his inspiring story (although he didn’t realize at the time he was serving as an inspiration); that would ultimately serve as the catalyst for the birth and idea of Midwest Dreamin. Eric would one day become the founder of Midwest Dreamin and a supreme advocate of community involvement in service of others (throughout his story). From our visit, I was sold on Midwest Dreamin and the potential opportunity on embracing what I had not realized at the time; but would become the bedrock of my purpose in this life..  giving back in the form of sharing my experiences and acquired knowledge over the years.

As an actionable step from our visit; I followed the communicated and instructed process for being considered to be a speaker (first time) at Midwest Dreamin during it’s submission window for sessions. A couple of weeks later I received a congratulatory e-mail (to my surprise) on my session submission being selected. I’ll be honest.. I thought to myself; “Sh** what did I commit myself to”.. and then I recalled a quote that I’ve been living by for years..

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try..” – Unknown

This is ultimately what I wanted and had to continuously circle back to and although the pressure and intimidation was high; I knew in my heart I would have to deliver. So, I did just that.. I prepared for months. When i felt firm and comfortable on my content and delivery approach. I would start from scratch (again and again); due to a minor detail not included or considered.

Fortunate for me and the other speakers; especially first timers there was a benefit for speakers that we were all assigned a coach to help in solidifying our content as well as communicating to us the necessary logistical things we needed to know. The individual I was assigned is a well known Salesforce MVP, Speaker and Community Influencer; Dale Zigler!

Dale patiently, knowingly and masterfully navigated me and my preparation efforts for my Midwest Dreamin session. When it came time to deliver my session.. I’ll never forget walking the Navy Pier in solitude just moments before I was scheduled to speak. Before i could I desperately needed to calm my nerves. As I walked back into the venue and into the room where I was presenting and looked towards the the stage (from the back of the room) with the chairs quickly occupying with curious, interested and excited attendees of the conference. I could only recall one thing in my mind at the time and that was: “Why?, Why are you here?” – I thought of my kids, my journey, my preparation, my mother’s words of inspiration and most importantly.. I thought about my “WHY” – This provided me just enough of a calm to start making my way to the stage.

As I made my way to the stage and equipped myself with the necessary devices to speak, setup my laptop; as well as my presentation material – I realized more and more there was no going back at this point. Just moments before being ready to go; I looked out into the audience and saw many familiar faces (Stuart Edeal, Benjamin Bolopue; among others) with huge smiles on their faces. It was in that moment that I realized many were in attendance because they wanted to hear what I had to say.. Those who didn’t know me or ever heard my name still wanted to hear what i had to say; basis the topic and session abstract. All I had to do was deliver the content they came to hear about.

This was my time and opportunity. It was no longer about the challenging life circumstances and experiences of the past. It was about the here and now and what I had to say – what I had to give back. I was ready to step into and live in my purpose!

I’m still happy to this day to share that I was able to deliver my session with the intended execution I hoped for and received resounding positive feedback.. even from the likes of well respected individuals in the community; such as Peter Coffee!


It’s been a year now since I first spoke at Midwest Dreamin and have had many great opportunities around speaking engagements. Including speaking at Salesforce’s Annual Conference in San Francisco – Dreamforce; as well as being nominated for a Tedx Talk. I’ve been grateful for the journey and the subsequent experiences to come from them.

Life will grace you with many opportunities to step into and walk in your passions and aspirations. Life will also provide second chances, catalyzing experiences and defining moments. For me when it comes to professionally and personally; Midwest Dreamin 16 was a catalyzing experience that will serve as a cornerstone and data point in support of what I achieve in this lifetime.

Life in fact isn’t short. It’s a process! Love and appreciate the process.. it’s the only way you’ll be able to acknowledge and recognize the steps that got you to your destination and goals in life.   JS


Midwest Dreamin’ was a turning point in my life and here is WHY!

Justice Served at Tahoe Dreamin 17′

My experience at Tahoe Dreamin 17!capture

This was my first time attending this community led conference in Northern California. On prior occasions, when I’ve traveled to the state of California. I’ve packed my bag light; so you could imagine my surprise when I had to pack my bag with MN weather attire. More so, when it was validated that packing MN weather attire was warranted for this trip.. Brrr!

I flew into Reno/Tahoe International late Thursday night; upon meeting up with the well-known process queen Jennifer Lee. In fact; I won’t ever forget her first comment to me when she saw me. “This look is new to me” and pointing at my attire. A friend once said to me. “I bet Justice goes swimming in a suit” – So, I can see how Jennifer was surprised to see a Justice in jeans with a designer hole/tear in the knee, sweater, boots and a leather jacket. Well after that funny exchange and catching up with one another we then made our long journey to South Lake Tahoe in a rental vehicle with a friend and former colleague of Jenn’s. The drive seemed long but we made it safe and the great conversation had along the way made it an enjoyable and scenic ride.

We eventually arrived at our hotels early Friday morning (1am ish). I slept in; being that my body didn’t give me another choice. When I did wake up I knew I was at a Salesforce Conference. I knew this because I had missed calls, text messages and e-mails from my fellow Ohana at the conference wondering about my whereabouts, there was even a conveyed sense of concern from an individual that I see as big sister (Shonnah). Given these facts there was an immediate feeling that came over me that can best be described as an elevated sense of belonging.


When I was ready to go and fully awake around 9:30am. I was able to take in and appreciate my immediate surroundings. I was standing in a lavish King Luxury corner suite with a wrap-around immaculate window view of South Lake Tahoe. The bathroom in of itself had multiple rooms (3) – One of the rooms was specifically for the lavatory… Yeah, just let that sink in for a moment. Another room was carpeted and housed a “his” and “hers” sink. Just in case you’re wondering.. I used both! While the other room was dedicated to a shower, bathtub/Jacuzzi and an additional marble vanity.

There was a sitting/meeting area near the wrap-around window overlooking South Lake Tahoe – the view was surreal! Long story short.. If there was a Presidential Suite in that hotel. I don’t want to know about it at this point. Not sure how it could have gotten any better than my setup. Thanks Zynbit!

After making my way out of my hotel and to the conference. I was embraced by familiar faces. The first was Stuart Edeal (The Man). It’s interesting.. (short story alert) the first member of the SF community and #GifSquadForGood member that I ran into at MWD16 (Midwest Dreamin) in Chicago was Stuart and now he was the first I’d run into at Tahoe. We chalk that up for now as being fate. Moving on, I continued to make my rounds and saw Shonnah Hughes, Melinda (Melindi), Eric Dreshfield, Daniel Peter, Leah McGowen-Hare, Adam Olshansky and many more Ohana.

I arrived moments before the kickoff of the opening keynote. Bill Grenshaw and the great Tahoe Dreamin group welcome us all. We heard from great speakers. The Keynote Speaker was none other than Sarah Franklin, SVP Developer Relations & GM Trailhead at Salesforce. Wow! ..What an amazing story and background she shared that served as an inspiration to all in attendance. It’s no secret that I’m a Trailhead advocate. So, it was great to see Sarah, as I’ve met much of the Trailhead team at #DF16. We also heard from a well-respected individual both at Salesforce (representing for <3%ers) and in the community in Leah McGowen-Hare. She shared exciting new features and capabilities (live demo) that got admins, developers and evangelists out of their seats. A world in which low code is the expectation for development in Salesforce; it’s an exciting time to be a Salesforce Admin/Developer/Evangelist.


There were so many moments of great impact. Some that come to mind:

  • Conversing with Zachary Jeans on the importance of living a faith based life and incorporating it into your “why” and me being able to connect the dots on how Zach uses his faith to fuel his initiative with ImpactMatters. Zach is a guy that is well known and for all the right reasons. The conversation him and I had was inspirational beyond measure. Leadership by example.. this is how Zach lives and serves.


  • A great conversation was had with Phil Dixon, CEO of Zynbit. The reality is we probably could have talked the day away. Our conversation was organic and fluid. It was apparent that we were learning from one another. We discussed in specific the capabilities of Zynbits solution for Outlook (Exchange and O365)/G-Mail integration with Salesforce. I learned a great deal much from our conversation that enabled a foreward thinking mindset, as I thought about how I could enable our organization to truly benefit from an optimal setup for Outlook integration. Phil and I have since had a conversation about the possibilities of leveraging Zynbit’s solution for outlook integration with my employer.
  • A conversation with Monica and Stuart during lunch (Day 1). Not many know my history, past or why I do what I do. I just surfaced within the Salesforce Community almost a year ago with the infamous question via Twitter to the Salesforce Community; that I’ll spare this blog from Feel free to ask me and I’ll gladly share. Going back to our conversation with Monica and Stuart; I’d like to think the brand perception I support and enable for myself is one of possessing potential on the possibilities. Stuart and Monica for the first time heard a vulnerable side that rarely ever comes out in me. I felt comfortable with these two to shed insight on my goals, aspirations and why nothing will stop me from achieving those goals.  In acknowledging that last statement; I think it’s important to recognize why the SF Ohana is a unique group of folks that makeup a support system that uplifts, encourages and supports one another.


There were so many other great moments in which I learned more about Salesforce’s ecosystem from proven subject matter experts. Additionally, being able to connect with new folks and re-connect with familiar faces.

Saturday came and went very quickly. The Tahoe Dreamin experience unfortunately and unexpectedly came to what felt like a screaming halt with a severe weather storm warning affecting travel plans for all in Tahoe.

As I wrap-up my shared experiences of Tahoe Dreamin 17. I want to leave you with key takeaways. They are as follows:

  • First and foremost. A special S/O and Thank You!! to Zynbit for sponsoring my entire trip to attend Tahoe Dreamin. It was all made possible by Zynbit!
    1. The Hotel
    2. Roundtrip Flight
    3. Diamond Status (Total Rewards)
    4. Hospitability
    5. Being and making themselves available
  • If you were unable to attend. Please ask those who did attend about what happened to Bill Grenshaw on a 50ft high stage (Insider – This one is for you Bill)
  • Lastly, the importance surrounding community led conferences is just that; they are community led. Be open to the learning experiences, perspectives of others and most importantly; the opportunities to network and connect with anyone and everyone. Your next breakthrough may come in the form of a conversation with someone in attendance at a conference, a session you sat in on or the realization of where you are in your understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and potential of where you can be. Your #ImpactMatters


Stay Blessed and Be Well,


Justice Served at Tahoe Dreamin 17′

How inspiration can be found in an 8th classroom..

Sometime last year…

It was a normal routine kind of day for me. I was getting prepared to start the long day ahead. As I made my way from the kitchen with my coffee into my bathroom. I set my cup down on the bathroom vanity, as I was looking in the mirror and deciding that I needed to change shirts. The shirt I was wearing was bland and too solid in one color.. which translated to boring. I went back into my closet and replaced it with a blue dress shirt with white dots spread across and around the entire shirt. In reading that description you may be picturing an extremely ugly shirt. I can assure you that is not the case. It is in fact my favorite dress shirt and is unique in design and concept.. in my opinion, anyways.

Moving on, after throwing on my blazer and gathering my belongings. I made my way out the door. This particular day I wouldn’t be commuting straight to the office. I’d be making a stop at Best Prep Academy in North Minneapolis to speak with 8th grade boys/students on the behalf of my employer and Junior Achievement.The agenda to which I was to deliver to these students was already written out and communicated to me weeks prior. The Junior Achievement exercise was intended to teach students how to interview effectively; in addition to teaching the importance of developing an elevator pitch. Ultimately, the exercise is designed and intended to enable students with a sense of confidence in demonstrating competency and well articulated thoughts and responses to questions. When I arrived in the classroom.. it was apparent these students were 8th grade boys. Should I have expected anything more or less? I suppose at the time I might have. Being years removed from Junior High; I must have forgotten that I was once an 8th grader that was selective with when I listened to my instructor and preferred to have fun with my classmates.

As the instructor was speaking with the students about why I was there today. I recall thinking to myself: “I’m not prepared to do this” – these students are going to smell the fear and nervousness. At that moment the instructor said: “All yours Justice” and sat down. At this very moment it was like realizing your training wheels were no longer attached to your bike as a toddler. I snapped out of it and immediately took command of the room. What changed? How did I snap out of the nerve and fear..I think I  realized I was there for a reason. My presence was requested but even more importantly. I realized I was once an 8th grader. These students wanted to learn something… and I had the professional and educational experiences to deliver a learning experience that would meet the needs and objectives of the learning material.

I walked them through different techniques and exercises to develop an elevator pitch. Additionally, we simulated a panel interview process. The approach I went with was to have the students line up their desks. I selected 4-5 students to sit on the panel with me (interviewers) and one student to be interviewed (interviewee) at a time. The remaining of the classroom watched as we went through a pre-made script of questions for the interviewee. After the mock interview concluded. The remaining students viewing and listening provided feedback to their classmate and then I’d have them rotate roles. I challenged the students to not only assess their classmates verbally; but to also consider taking a look at their non-verbals. I explained the importance of non-verbal communication.

Why did I go with an interactive approach? It wasn’t planned or expected. However, I knew these students were 8th graders with immeasurable energy; considering their age. It was important to me the content be delivered in a manner that was optimal for their learning experience and my teaching approach. Creating a collaborative and engaging environment was conducive to these students receiving and internalizing the message. I found the approach to be highly effective. This was my first time speaking in front of an audience that I had not been acquainted with prior to… So what did I learn from this experience?

These students taught me the importance of recognizing and acknowledging your audience. You don’t have to know your every single person in your audience. However, it’s important to have a feel for how the message you’re delivering relates to your audience. Understanding this helped ensure my confidence existed with my subject matter expertise. Most importantly to be me – no one is going to be you better than you.

Fast forward to this past week…

I had been presented with the opportunity to speak in Chicago surrounding my subject matter expertise with what i do for work.. Interestingly enough, I went through the same pre-trials of nervousness and had justified in my mind that speaking in front of a classroom of 8th graders and experienced adults was different. Just hours before my time to speak. I attended a keynote and the speaker was Vala Afshar; Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce. He said something that resonated with me a great deal

“I thought I knew a lot until I learned a little” – Vala Afshar

When it was time to present/speak. I did just that. I thought back to my experiences with those 8th grade students. Standing on the stage and looking out to my audience.. I realized everyone in attendance was once an 8th grader and these now experienced adults were in attendance to hear me share my experiences in relation to a topic they are passionate about. It was up to me to deliver an experience that was engaging and informative. Post my presentation.. I received great positive and uplifting feedback regarding my comfort and confidence while up on stage speaking.

Where we grow is often in a place that is outside of our comfort zone. Embracing that simple understanding is when we can truly realize our potential.

If you’re ever presented with an opportunity to share a message, teach someone, share something on a stage or in a classroom. Take it. Learn from the experience and grow from it. I learned from 8th grade boys that being me was enough.







How inspiration can be found in an 8th classroom..

Salesforce and Microsoft at the table..

As a proud (CRM) shareholder. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Microsoft (MSFT) purchasing Salesforce (CRM) discussions come to fruition. This would be a very logical move on both ends; last I checked Microsoft was reporting somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 Billion cash/reserves on hand. Which would put them above countries: Denmark, Peru, Canada and the U.S. Needless to say, Microsoft is equipped with the buying power to make this deal happen.

Then there is Salesforce with a Market Value of $47.5 Billion, the only U.S. business software companies that are bigger are Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. and the success of software as a service (SaaS) sales have become a notable synergy over the years. Projections according to the Gartner Group have SaaS sales doubling from their 2010 ($10 Billion) numbers in 2015..with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) being the largest market for SaaS.

While Marc Benioff was becoming a Billionaire from his success with Salesforce, specifically in the CRM market. Microsoft had made acquisitions with Skype ($8.5 Billion) and Yammer ($1.2 Billion deal). An acquisition of (CRM) would not only be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition in company history; it would also rid them of perceived failed acquisitions in recent years.

That being said, only time will tell…

Salesforce and Microsoft at the table..

Blackberry on it’s last leg…

BlackberryBlackberry isn’t down and out quite yet. it would seem the former competitor in the cellular industry is making one last run at becoming a comparable option for mobile devices. Blackberry’s stock (BBRY) has grown over 45% since 2013. Since taking over; Blackberry’s CEO John Chen has played a pivotal role in aiding the companies stock growth.Their biggest change came in their announcement of the Blackberry Z10 device.Their first handheld device to take on the iPhone form factor. Could this be indicative on a nearing end for Blackberry? A company once known for their unrivaled security and encryption in the realm of corporate e-mail.

Currently, a company that doesn’t have much to bring to the table in 2014, going into 2015. Blackberry now must consider their real competition with the viable options (MobileIron and Airwatch) in the industry for enabling corporate mail on the iOS and Android platform. The Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is no longer the selling point when deciding on a mobile device for corporate use.

Take it from me. As a satisfied owner of an iPhone 5 with corporate e-mail setup and configured on my iPhone. It’s apparent that the advantages of being a Blackberry owner with the use of corporate e-mail managed on the BES; no longer yields a benefit over an iOS or Android device.

Mobile Iron! A company that enables and ensures the security and compliance requirements of important corporate data. The combination of mobile device management capabilities, comprehensive security, mobile application management and mobile content management capabilities.

Blackberry is going to have to bring more to the table, if they want to remain relevant for years to come.

Justice S.

Blackberry on it’s last leg…