Salesforce and Microsoft at the table..

As a proud (CRM) shareholder. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Microsoft (MSFT) purchasing Salesforce (CRM) discussions come to fruition. This would be a very logical move on both ends; last I checked Microsoft was reporting somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 Billion cash/reserves on hand. Which would put them above countries: Denmark, Peru, Canada and the U.S. Needless to say, Microsoft is equipped with the buying power to make this deal happen.

Then there is Salesforce with a Market Value of $47.5 Billion, the only U.S. business software companies that are bigger are Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. and the success of software as a service (SaaS) sales have become a notable synergy over the years. Projections according to the Gartner Group have SaaS sales doubling from their 2010 ($10 Billion) numbers in 2015..with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) being the largest market for SaaS.

While Marc Benioff was becoming a Billionaire from his success with Salesforce, specifically in the CRM market. Microsoft had made acquisitions with Skype ($8.5 Billion) and Yammer ($1.2 Billion deal). An acquisition of (CRM) would not only be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition in company history; it would also rid them of perceived failed acquisitions in recent years.

That being said, only time will tell…

Salesforce and Microsoft at the table..

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